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Welcome to SmartPlan Investing, 

Our goal is to educate and give you useful information concerning the market and how to navigate through all the media hype, not to sell you something. Our intention is to help every investor get and stay on the right track. We believe investors need a SmartPlan to get there, and that is why we offer solutions utilizing Nobel Prize winning methods and offer ongoing education so you can let your mind control your money, not your money control your mind.

Here at SmartPlan Investing we utilize Nobel Prize winning methods, and we eliminate things that do not work, like: stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. Instead we focus on what does work: capturing market returns, diversification by asset class allocation while reducing costs and maintaining low turnover.
To find out more or sign up for one of our Mind Over Money classes call us today at 561-744-9547.

Have you ever experienced the any of the following?
Fear of the Future, Performance Losses, Emotion-Based Decisions.
We call this Investors' Dilemma.

You may click on the image below to watch a 10 min. video on The Investors' Dilemma.

The Investors’ Dilemma is a cycle that explains why many investment decisions are driven by emotional and psychological biases that may be inconsistent with an investor’s long-term goals. On the one hand, investors want assets to grow to the point where enough wealth has been accumulated to meet personal financial goals. Yet, for most, this will only happen by investing money prudently. Therefore, investors need to make decisions and select strategies to maximize investments year after year. Unfortunately, the actions investors frequently take are likely to be self-defeating. Let’s look at how each step of this counterproductive cycle interferes with an investor’s ability to develop and maintain a prudent investment strategy.

If you're interested in a solution to The Investors' Dilemma, we can help. First thing we do is dispelling the common myths investors have been led to believe.
How do we do that? We host a variety of investor education events each month that are designed to address specific areas of investing and help investor understand how markets really work, and how our clients portfolios are designed to work with the market not against it.

Do you want to learn more about how the really smart money invests? Would you like to attend an upcoming event? Click here for more details.